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Acute Alcohol Intoxication

Acute Alcohol Intoxication is a term used by medical professionals to describe alcohol poisoning.  When an excessive amount of alcohol is consumed over a short period of time it can cause a toxic Blood Alcohol Content (BAC).  BAC measures the concentration of alcohol in the blood.Suffering From Acute Alcohol Intoxication

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that 79,000 thousand people die each year due to acute alcohol intoxication or excessive alcohol consumption.

At we will share the signs & symptoms of alcohol poisoning.  How it affects the body and the treatments that are used.  We will answer some frequently asked questions about alcohol intoxication.

  1. What are the symptoms of Acute Alcohol Intoxication (Alcohol Poisoning)?
  2. Can you die from Acute Alcohol Intoxication?
  3. How to get treatment?
  4. Where to get treatment and why?

We encourage you or someone you know that is suffering from Acute Alcohol Intoxication to get immediate medical help.

*Notice! At no point or time is this website considered medical advice. The information on this website is to be used simply as reference material. If you or someone you know is suffering or believed to be suffering from Acute Alcohol Intoxication (alcohol poisoning) please contact your nearest medical facility and seek treatment.

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